Monday, April 15, 2013

Prophecy April 13, 2013

It is important for you as a Church to be in the right place, in the right postition, 
so that GOD's purposes can be fullfilled in you and through you. I've been praying about this matter, so that's what GOD has given to me, so I'll share it with you.

The Captain of GOD's house is in the right place, in fact it would be true to say; HE is with you in the place where I AM leading you to.

HE will deal with the power over a town and a city. HE is going to break open doors, the iron gates of resistance will have to collapse. It will be the WORD of GOD which will take the city, the tears of years have come before the LORD and the Captain of the LORD of Hosts has come.

HE‘s commitioned to break the chains, loose the captives to break the grounds. The WORD of the LORD to you is: HE has not changed as HE has promised, HE is still the faithful GOD!  Has HE not said, shall HE not do?

But this time what GOD is saying is, it is not your efforts, it is the Captain of the Host‘s of the LORD, it is not call GOD unto your side, it is simply you be on HIS side.
Something is going to happen here, something tremendious, that is appointed by me.

Who shall I send, unto the Name of the LORD, he who has a clean hands and a pure heart, who has not sworn deceitfully nor lifted up a soul to vanity, I will turn the hearts of Fathers to the children and the children to Fathers.
The fact that you‘re children don't live in this town is irrelevant.
Everywhen you will find that GOD will do a work, through the whole line of your family.

The Pain of years will turn to joy, not because of your prayers, but because of HIS Mercy and Grace. The LORD of Hosts will see to it, the Grandchildren will be touched, the children's children will be swept in and the story of the Church will be: salvation is of the LORD!

Your businesses will flourish, your depts will be cleared, you will cease to be borrowers and you will become givers of the CHRIST, the LORD has declared it. What you have will spring up speedily and now so your days, so your strength will be. You will be quickened with in the inner man and renewed from within, the LORD of HOSTS will declare it.

Now GOD is saying this to you; come in that place you will frequently be full, the solitude, the secret chamber, because GOD is going to draw near to you, to tell you what to do, so that each of you will know the WORD of the LORD to them.

GOD doesn't see you just as a body, HE has a WORD for each of you who seeks HIS face. Come to that secret place because it's a new face to the testimony of GOD here. To the Glory of GOD here this old town shall be filled with the Glory of GOD .

As you worship, the atmosphere where you worship will be charged with MY manyfold presence. The house shall be filled and shaken when the KING is worshiped.

HIS Kingdom shall come among you and the shout of the KING will be in the camp! HIS Glory and HIS presence will be seen and known in lives and situations that have been blocked for years.

I will come and unlook and release, prison doors will be thrown open and chains broken off. As you worship, I will cast the mantle of intercessor on you. I will give you the burden of the LORD for your community, for your City, for your Nation and surrounding nations and nations and people and places will be moved by the power of MY SPIRIT.

As you worship I will come again and will release the Gifts of the Holy SPIRIT among you, you will move into new dimensions in these areas and be surpriced at the depts of your new Anoiting.

As you worship, I will impact the new generation which will come amongst you, the young and the very young, will be impacted and released.

Do not say in your heart, well, there are not those different groups with us now?  Do not limit ME! I can bring them in MY House. As you worship, a trickle shall flow under the throne and there it becomes the river of MY Glory to the nations. It shall flow out of the life of MY people. I'M calling a new river of cleansing, through the rivers and lives of MY people.

Musicians and singers, lay down your instruments and gifts before the LORD, then surrender to the leadership of CHRIST,  take them up again into totally new dimensions. There will be a release of Anointing and insperation to play and minister before the LORD.

I heard the LORD say; I AM rising up, I AM rising up, I AM rising up, I AM restoring the tabernacle of David and the instruction this morning is MY Servant; preach it, preach it, teach it, teach it and prophecy it. 

You will see what I will do, I will open doors of oppertunity, I will make ways where there appears to be no way, I will grant you prosperity. No longer will you have to be concerned and worried because of finance, the finance will come and will be available to you, because I will open the doors of heaven and pour a blessing upon you that you are unable to contain.

I‘ll cause a break forth amongst you and you will recognize MY Hand because of what I will accomplish.

First of all I will minister into the hearts and lifes of MY people and as you look around often times you will think to yourselves, there is not many people here, there are all so few, but a few with ME can become a multitude and will become a multitude.

The promise to you this morning is;  I AM going to breath upon the people that you have and you‘ll see a change, a marked change in their hearts, change in their lifes and experiences. 

You will see a zeal for the house of the LORD, you see a desire of the things of the SPIRIT, you will see ME moving in so many, many varid ways that you will throw up your hands and you will say with great joy, this surely it is the LORD!

HE is rising up a new life. You will find that the old life will also be quickened!

Monday, February 04, 2013

A Prophet's Word

Wood abalze
Picture: Adam Caudill (Common Creative)
Be consumed by the presence of God, less you perish.

What God started he finishes

Picture: jaycross (Common Creative)
God is going to complete what he started here (Switzerland) 500 years ago.

Inspired by this word by LeRoy from last Thursday I looked into some of Zwinglis life. He was the reformer in the German part of Switzerland, mainly Z├╝rich.I also thought about and prayed into the word.

Huldreych (modern Ulrich) Zwingli lived from 1.1.1484 - 11. Oct. 1531. He was priest in Glarus (1504-16), Einsiedeln (1516-19), and then Zurich (1518-31). He first was greatly influenced by humanism and Erasmus of Rotterdam, mostly by their believe to go back to the sources. This had Zwingli search the New Testament in Erasmus Greek edition, that was very close to the sources, and not the Latin Vulgata used in the catholic church. This inspired his 67 thesis that were directly motivated by exegesis of the gospels, the acts, and the letters.

Many of the thesis we read today and they seem modern biblical understanding, some speak into the lifetime of Zwingli and therefore have lost some of their relevance for today. But still, consider these ones for example:
VII. That he is an eternal salvation and head of all believers, who are his body, but which is dead and can do nothing without him.
VIII. From this follows first that all who dwell in the head are members and children of God, and that it is the church or communion of the saints, the bride of Christ, Ecclesia catholica.
IX. Furthermore, that as the members of the body can do nothing without the control of the head, so no one in the body of Christ can do the least without his head, Christ. 
X. As that man is mad whose limbs (try to) do something without his head, tearing, wounding, injuring himself; thus when the members of Christ undertake something without their head, Christ, they are mad, and injure and burden themselves with unwise ordinances.
Zwingli believed in the 5 solae principles of Luther:
  • sola scriptura (Scripture only, his starting point)
  • sola fide (by faith alone)
  • sola gratia (only by grace)
  • solus Christus or solo Christo (Christ alone or through Christ alone)
  • soli Deo Gloria (glory to God alone)
Zwingli did not acquaint with Luther, as Luther still saw communion as Christ being present and his body broken, his blood shed anew every time, but Zwingli saw it as a remembrance:
XVIII. That Christ, having sacrificed himself once, is to eternity a certain and valid sacrifice for the sins of all faithful, from which it follows that the mass is not a sacrifice, but is a remembrance of the sacrifice and assurance of the salvation which Christ has given us.
Zwingli persecuted the next move of God, the Anabaptists. 2004 there was a reconciliation between the reformed protestant church of Zurich (Gerri Keller as a representative) and the Amish as representatives of the Anabaptists. I was at that conference.Zwingli wrote the first full German bible, 5 years before Luther.

That much about Zwingli.

I thought about the word. 500 years ago, the whole restoration of truth began. There had been moves before, but largely this was a red line of few, the remnant, with now major influence on the church of the day. The reformation certainly was different. Since then, numerous moves of God have restored truth progressively:

  • Anabaptists
  • Puritans, Pietism, Quakers
  • Methodists, Great Awakening
  • Babtists, Healing Moves
  • Pentecostal and charismatic revival, Latter Rain

And many truths have been restored in these moves: baptism by decision, all offices of the fivefold, the gifts of the Spirit, and so on. You all know better than me.

This reformation had to take place because of the great fall of the church 1700 years ago, bringing forth the dark ages and the catholic church.

I believe that the word carries the potential for restoration of the full truth of the Gospel - potential because God needs people to walk out the word, walk out his will, to establish as fact in the earth what has been truth in heaven all along. God is saying that he started to restore our understanding of and relationship with Christ 500 years ago with the five solae principles. From that basic groundwork he restored many aspects of truth up to now. Some where received, some not. Sadly enough the revelation of a new aspect usually brought about separation. Of the ones that were not received but by a very small remnant, and which God could at the time only partially restore, is Latter Rain. This ties this word right in with the word LeRoy and Lynne got from Mark T. Barclay that they will be of the distributors of Latter Rain.

Our responsibility will be to be available, willing, ready, teachable, open to the new. And that we press in in prayer. What does that mean? Mainly that we make ourselves willing to change our thinker. That we are ready to throw overboard religious principles. Jesus taught that traditions are the only thing stronger than the word of God, because we think we know and hold fast, failing to see the deeper layers of scripture and truth.