Saturday, July 30, 2011

The missing Key

You will be given a small key that will open a huge door. (Paraphrased from Jim Randall, Friday before KDI Conference)

God said: The missing key is everybody being in one place at one time. (Bob Lemon, KDI Conference 07-16-2011, based on Acts 2:1)

Friday, July 29, 2011


Everybody say 'suddenly'. And I wanna say something as strong as I can. GOD IS ABOUT TO DO A SUDDENLY IN CANADA. God is gonna come and kiss earth and we're gonna be caught in the middle of the smack. God is gonna break loose. No - God is breaking loose. The finances, that you have been waiting for, this is the hour, this is the moment, and this is the day.

Dr. Bob Lemon, KDI Conference 07-16-2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finished diggin'

We all were digging a hole just as a cut for a house. Many were digging and it was a hard job. For many too hard and they threw in their shovel and quit. A voice from heaven kept telling us to dig deeper. So we dug and kept on digging.

Then the voice told us: enough. And when we stopped, water started filling the hole. It was all glittery and flaring, as if full of diamonds. We were told to throw all our seeds from all the nations we are involved in into the hole and then refill the hole with what we dug out.

When finished, supernaturally fast - I mean really fast - plants started to shoot out of the ground. Big trees with great fruit, just like works that could be reinvested.

Paraphrased from Anita Bucher at prayer meeting at Lebendiges Wasser 07-26-2011


Many will say in the days that lay ahead: when will does things happen that those 10, 20, and 30 years ago have said. Well, if you open up your eyes and see, the field is white unto harvest, and many are coming into the kingdom. In other lands, says the Lord, I'm saving people by the thousands, but in this land and the land that the speaker represents these are hard nosed people who have religion instead of me. They have a sign of me, but they don't understand my power. They don't understand what I'm doing. But in other nations, says the Lord, thousands are being birthed into the Kingdom and many have already received what you have been believing for. So get your believer back out, get it polished up, get the crud off it and say: Lord, I'm gonna start believing again, praise God, because it will surely come to pass.

Can I be honest with you? This is a very delicate time in the Kingdom. This is not a meeting, this is a visitation of God for every person in every nation represented. Boy, that is pretty egotistical - I didn't say that was me. I'm convinced that God is waking up his people and saying: Now is the time. But then why don't I have manifestations? Because we're not in faith. Our mouth is different than what our believer is. It sure is quiet in here. Because God wants to manifest His Glory.

"Can you feel it shaking everything? This is the hour and this is the generation. There is a people standing, there is a voice that's sounding. There is a banner being raised up for righteousness. This is the hour and this is the generation. Revolution! We're taking ground. Revolution! We won't bow down. Revolution! Let the trumpet sound. Revolution now! We'll fight to the death - now that's were we loose about half the body of Christ, not willing to pay the price. Worthless idols we detest, but our churches are full of them. Let the armies anthem roar: Holiness to the Lord."

Bob Lemon, KDI Conference 07-15-2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The drought is over

The drought is over. I see a cloud the size of a man's hand. And before king Ahab could get to his house there was a huge rainstorm. Watch: What took a year will now take a month, what took a month will now take a week, what took a week will now take a day, what took a day will now take an hour, what takes an hour will now take a minute. The only people that are tied to time are people on this earth, there is no time in heaven. The Music in heaven has no beat - sorry, drummer. It's impossible for eternal things to have time. ... Everything is speeding up. Why? Because we are at the end of an age. ... We're transitioning from drought into plenty.

Dr. Bob Lemon, KDI Conference 7-17-2011