Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Finished diggin'

We all were digging a hole just as a cut for a house. Many were digging and it was a hard job. For many too hard and they threw in their shovel and quit. A voice from heaven kept telling us to dig deeper. So we dug and kept on digging.

Then the voice told us: enough. And when we stopped, water started filling the hole. It was all glittery and flaring, as if full of diamonds. We were told to throw all our seeds from all the nations we are involved in into the hole and then refill the hole with what we dug out.

When finished, supernaturally fast - I mean really fast - plants started to shoot out of the ground. Big trees with great fruit, just like works that could be reinvested.

Paraphrased from Anita Bucher at prayer meeting at Lebendiges Wasser 07-26-2011

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