Thursday, January 05, 2012

New Season vs. new yr

Lynne and I were Blessed during our time of engagement with the Kdi Eldership last wk in W.Lake. Wow, there are alot of things transpiring in the realm of the Spirit. I encourage you to keep up with the blogs, as all of us enter this new Season,we will keep everyone abreast of the news, and issues that are transpiring in KDi.

Thanks to David/Cornelie and team for hosting all of us-we were Blessed-much was shared and maybe we could get a copy of the last night's mtg available for anyone that may want to listen.

Please pray into the Winter Bible seminar hosted by Don/Judy Mott in Smithers, Feb 2-5. This will be an Apostolic Seminar, with leaders from the States and Canada attending, many key 1st Nations Brothers/Sisters-Elders in the Body of CHRIST will be with us-let us all pray for HIS Will being done!
We are not only marking the begining of another yr,month, but have entered a fresh Season of GOD's Hand, advancing HIS Purposes of Destiny on earth.

Blessings this year to you all- and having done all stand, pray-be faithful!

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Unknown said...

There is a link everybody can listen to the message. It is at Mike's page Follow the menu link at the top to Messages 2011. It is the December 30 message by LeRoy Ede called Vision.

Soon the link will change, as Mike keeps on preaching this year too. Then follow Messages 2012 and on that page you will find a link to the archived messages of 2011.

The messages on this page can by now only be listened to online. A podcast for download is in the workings.