Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Word for KDI

A word given by Anita during prayer Tuesday evening (2-28-2012):

The ways I made were not here yesterday and cannot be destroyed by tomorrow. These are ways that testify of my greatness.

People will marbel and ask: "Who is this people that walks these ways? And who is this people that follows these water streams? Who is this people that walks from power to power, parting at each fork, yet not gets smaller?"

It is you, and each of these pathways leads to a place I want to have you at.
And they will say: "Look, they do not go past their destiny, nor do get lost before."

But I say No. They will go exactly where I lead them.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


I am often amazed at God’s timing and how He orchestrates seasons and events and culminates them to a specific location at a specific time. Such was the case in Smithers BC during the first week of February this year. We experienced a divine demarcation point in the Kingdom timeline and watched as The Father Himself through different vessels promoted and released different ones into greater Kingdom purpose. One such event was the acknowledgement and releasing of David Gladstone aka David Happyrock into the apostolic venue that God has purposed in him for the northern regions to reach into the underground cisterns and the uncapping of the foretold wells of glory that run from Saskatoon to Alaska.

I know that even for myself I have never experienced the intensity of heavenly pressure quite like this before. There was a great sense of purpose, God wanted something specifically done and there was a demand in the spirit to focus in, to be ready and to reach into the specific gracing’s so purpose could be established. This was more than just a meeting and this speaks to me that we must be careful in this season, life is not business as usual and it would be very easy to miss what the Spirit of God is doing with the mindset that this is just another church meeting. We are living in a specific time with specific things that The Lord wants to accomplish in the earth and we as the people of God must press in even closer if we are going to see and even enter into the Kingdom purpose for this season.

Monday, February 13, 2012

New Year and Fresh Season

This new year and fresh season has brought an interesting mix. While there is a great expectation in the spirit for what in directly in front of us, there is an even greater press for concentrated prayer and intercession for this season. We are also finding Mark 4:22 happening exceedingly fast as well. Hidden things are being revealed, and secret things are being exposed. That which people are hiding is being seen and shown openly, that holiness may come if it is wanted - too few choose it. Here in Nimpo Lake, we are seeing new people coming out to services on an increasingly regular basis. Harvest is here, but the family of God must first be positioned. We are also learning what we hold to out of religious tradition, and what we do out of relationship with God. While the walking out of the two may not appear too different, the results are like night and day.

Thank you so much to all those who pray for KDI. Your prayers are what enable us to do all that we are. Your continued prayer will help us arrive in our destiny, both corporately and in the local houses.
A couple of thoughts to ponder in closing:

The greatest killer of the fire of the Holy Spirit is the wet blanket of self.
Unless we learn how to be parented by the Father, we can never become the Bride God needs us to be.