Sunday, March 04, 2012

Word for KDI by Ernie Hammond

There are times in my dealings with you my people when I bring you to a place that I have ordained – a place to be remembered for the rest of your lives, a place of crisis, a place of turning, a place which opens up a new vista of progress for my Kingdom. This day I have brought you to such a place.

And in the days to come you will look back to this day and say, as you say in your hearts now “It is the Lord”.

My children I have waited for this day for a long, long time. I have patiently waited. I have seen the inner struggles and the travails. I have witnessed the frustrations. I have seen the defeats and I have witnessed the victories which have been mine.

Yet through every moment I have been preparing you; you have built your dreams, you have seen great things in your imaginations and yet, as Peter came out of the fishing boat to meet me, you too, must come out naked.

Thus all these circumstances I have ordained for you to bring you to this place, where you stand before me naked of even your fisherman’s cloak. It is not that I look upon your nakedness, because I clothe you with a robe of righteousness and mantle you with my Spirit. I equip you with all that you need.

Yet from this day you are going into greater battles, into a greater realm of usefulness and into the fulfilment of the ministries that I have given to you. For I am preparing my church. Carefully am I preparing it. I watch over my church as I watch over you my children. It goes into the refining pot and the dross is being dealt with. But I would encourage you at this hour because I can see my reflection clearer and clearer as my church, my body is coming forth into the realms and dimensions which I have chosen for it.

But as I witness my church coming forth, I witness too that the enemy is gathering together his forces. I am equipping my church and the enemy is defeated. Not only do I encourage my children, I exhort you and warn you that it is a battle. And to this moment in measure, my church has not been able to face the battle as it should.

But you are being prepared and I am sending you forth. I encourage you that as you receive my word and I have heard and seen your determination, my presence is going to become more real to you in the measure that you seek my face.

Let me counsel you “Do not speak unless I tell you to speak” that mantle of mine, that anointing which is already upon you will be manifested in greater measure in you and through you. For I do not always see you as people see you. The place I wish to see you so that I might empower you and teach you is the place of aloneness with myself.

For I would give revelation to you, revelation of my plans for your own life and for the work because my servants you cannot go forth without my plans and strategy. And in the place of seeking my face I will give you such a revelation, and as you walk the revelation I will give you more and more.

For as I have repeatedly said and will say again how the nations of this world will know a visitation of my Spirit that has not yet been dreamed of. But I am preparing my church so that no flesh will glory in it in my presence I so that no ministry shall glory on my presence so that all the praise and glory shall go to the son of my right hand.

Go forth in my name; rejoice in that you are the chosen of the Lord. Look to me from whence comes all your strength – your hope – your everything. Because you have responded to my voice this day and re-affirmed the covenant you made years ago, before much time has elapsed you will see demonstrations of my power and manifestations of my glory in the midst of you as a people.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Dividing Line

We’ve just entered the third month of 2012 and already the dividing line is being drawn. I am referring to the insights we received for 2012 “When 2012 comes to conclusion you will find two camps in Christendom, one group will be business as usual and the other will enter into a new domain in Christ and experience the reality of 2 Corinthians 5:17 (Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new).” It is as if this is literally unfolding before our eyes. Here at the Rainbow Centre we are seeing people pressing in into a greater reality in Christ Jesus and are experiencing an exciting new life where all things are becoming new and at the same time we see people that are living their Christianity in the business as usual mode.

There is a great danger in living in the business as usual mode; a place where routine is the way. We find ourselves doing all the right things on the outside (or at least we think so) yet the internal reality is diminishing. (2 Timothy 3:5 holding to a form of godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these.)

The season that we are in demands us all to see what we cannot see, to hear what we cannot hear and to press into the new life that the Holy Spirit is crying out for inside each one of us. This is the life of faith and this is the life for this new season!

Mike Wlodarczyk