Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Refinery in the Green with Pipes

Pipes! by bobaliciouslondon, on Flickr

Words in corporate prayer of Lebendiges Wasser on Tuesday Oct 16, 2012

Anita had a vision of a refinery with a myriad of pipes in the midst of fields from a birds view. The pipes were extending into the fields which were in shades of green and yellow and white. New fields were added and connected to the pipe system and turned green or yellow or white. The pipe system was very complicated.

Ria saw a massive pipe with water running rapidly through it, rushing into different directions towards all churches of KDI.

Here we offer some thoughts we had with this:

A refinery cleans oil into different classes, from diesel to airplane kerosine. In reverse of the principle, the oil of the Spirit refines the factory it flows through: us. Or maybe the money that will be flowing has to be refined?

In order to refine the oil, there has to be heat. Oil has several points of heat it vaporizes at, depending on the length of carbon chains. This makes the different qualities and uses of oil products. But there has to be heat to refine. Something has to burn. Let's look at what we already have and bring it into the refinement process and not fall into the trap of living in the future: we believe, we invest our faith, we pray, but essentially we wait for the thing to happen. No, let's burn what we have to refine what is coming.

The pipe system being complicated might mean that it is not clear where this all comes from - apart from coming from God. We do not have to know nor do we have to try to figure it out. It just flows.

New fields of responsibility are given over time, new areas of investment. Seems we just provide the pipes and let the oil flow - nobody seen working in the fields, but they grow to maturity - look at the fields, they are white for harvest. The different colors might represent different fruit, or different currencies and bills.

These words connect tightly into former expressions like: Wells connected underground. We heard earlier that the pipelines are being built. Later that they are finished. Then that the valves are being opened. Now there is a flow.

It is here. It is getting refined and starts to flow towards all the fields and all the churches. Expect.

If this kindles some thoughts in you, please let us know in a comment below.

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