Monday, February 04, 2013

Another Point of Intersect

Intersecting the family trail
Picture: jaaron (Common Creative)
A word delivered by LeRoy in Lebendiges Wasser, Switzerland:

I heard your cries. They came to my throne, and I am making you my home because I hear your cries. This house is full of the presence of God, and I don't mean with praises, it is full with God's ear on this place. I have never ever said this word ever. But I hear God saying that. He's heard you again, Herr and Frau Wehrli. And he is blessed because you taught a people to also cry out. He's heard again. Boy, I tell you, it's full in here.

God is hearing the cry. Hallelujah, Hallelujah. There were two hungry people in all of Israel: Josef and Mary. In all of Israel. And they brought God in for 2000 years of generations. See, we can never look around and say: it's just us. I have never done that all of my life, Peter and Ria can attest to it. I praise God, I pray to God, I have a service all by myself and then God comes. I say that because God's come to this house.

Peter added: God said: Tell my people I will visit them with my glory. And the voice came many times: Tell my people I will visit them with my glory.

This morning in an early morning vision - I haven't seen this for twenty years, no, 19 years. Naha, it was January 1993, so it's 20 years. And I saw us before we where KDI and I saw us come to a point of intersect, a PI in a survey map. And the Spirit of God told me 20 years ago: I want you to call Bob Lemon, We hadn't had anything to do with him for quit a few years. He hadn't in fact been back in BC ministering, I don't know, 4 or 5 years. And we continued a communication relationship. See, you never forget the people that cross your path in destiny. And God showed me a PI with Bob being in our midst. And I invited, I asked Bob: can you come up in December of 1993. I tell you, we had a Christmas banquet - people had never seen anything like it. (Lynne: Bob just said Jesus, and Mike fell.) The ladies had a wonderful banquet on the tables, and God had a wonderful banquet and people were under the tables.

And it changed us - PI.

Early this morning I saw us at a PI, Peter. And somebody, you know who his name is, was trying to move it. And, and they thought that they had destroyed it, and I was trying to fight it and I was so concerned that this PI was gonna be taken from us all this early morning. And the fight was over and I looked and I I thought: Oh, no, no, no it's destroyed. And there is this little mess over in the corner. And this hand came down from heaven and picks a cover off and under it was the pin of the PI - protected by the Heilige Geist. The baby in Bethlehem - protected. For this evening - isn't it interesting - we're at a PI in KDI. 20 years. 20 years. Yes, hallelujah.

And it's interesting that God is uncovering that in the Schweiz. See, thank God that he sent a man and a woman that taught you how to be hungry. Most miss these kind of meetings. Just about all of Israel - just a few shepherds had that PI uncovered to them in Bethlehem. It wasn't one, not one synagogue that knew about that. It is just about being hungry - that's what God told us Sunday morning. You see, he was preparing. Hallelujah.

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